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Just can’t organize your repository of tests in folders. Pretty much every other tool out there allows you to group tests into folders. If you’re migrating from other legacy tools this might be something you can’t live without. You can search for them with the standard Jira search features.

With Xray, testers manage all their tests and executions as Jira entities with all the power of the customized screens, fields, and workflows. Managers can as well check test coverage status directly from the issue screen in Jira. Xray has enabled more collaboration, eased human-to-human communication, and helped decrease misunderstandings. The role of software testing is becoming increasingly important in the software development lifecycle to ensure that software is released with the highest possible quality.

Once you’ve created the case you have full traceability to Executions and the linked Stories. There’s also full support for version control of test cases. So you can create a new version of the test case and swap between the different versions. The audit logs list all the changes made to the test case and track the version updates too. Then there’s the traceability matrix report.

Pros and cons of using strictly Jira for test case management

There are some clever touches in ZSC like the ability to ‘Set Status of All below’. Perhaps you’ve completed some tests and want to update the rest to ‘Blocked’. That’s two clicks – no tedious search and update required. On the Traceability side of things, when designing your cases you can add new Jira issue types (e.g. User Story).

test management tools for jira

All clearly explained and configured for your project in seconds. You can add various gadgets to your dashboards. Criteria for each gadget can be specified in the same way you specify for reports. There’s also a neat free application to pull your reports from ZSC into Confluence. This gives you the capability to share your reports.

Filters you can save and run on demand to see what needs to be executed. A range of pre-defined filters make it easy to see which tests are assigned to you for execution. So, we’ve created the cycle, now we add the tests.

You might run a test case in one cycle and pass it. Then you change that test case for a future cycle. That modification is then picked up by all the previous executions. It’s a simple model and will be effective for many teams. You have 20 testers running tests against your system. How do you know where you are with your execution effort?

Extending Software Testing Tools

As a team grows in maturity, I’d say it’s a feature that should be a core part of a test management tool. The handling of attachments is better than ZSC and XRay. As you would expect you can view attachments directly from within ZFJ . Subtasks is a nice Jira feature that’s baked into Tests. Links are all very Jira like to, giving you the option to define the type of link (e.g. ‘Relates to’).

Jira was created as a tool to help software teams manage their work. Initially, the primary intent of Jira was to handle issues and document defects. However, the feature list has grown much since its inception. Modern software testing processes rely heavily on automated tests. TestFLO makes it easy to create a Jenkins or Bamboo build plan from Jira.

Adaptavist releases test management solution or Jira – Software Testing News

Adaptavist releases test management solution or Jira.

Posted: Fri, 07 Sep 2018 18:19:33 GMT [source]

All built in with short cut keys that’ll make any testers life a bit easier. No call to test functionality but parameterised tests are supported. Attachments can be added at the test step level. You need to save the step before you can actually add the attachment. One minor frustration is the ‘tabbing’ as you create steps.

Integrating with the Leading Automation Frameworks

In short it’s simple and effective but not very comprehensive. Test cases can also be linked to other issues in different projects. This could work well when you need a dedicated Jira project for the cases.

test management tools for jira

You’ll be able to see the status of your executions on your Jira agile board. To view your test progress of all your testing activities, simply click on ‘Dashboards‘ at the left of the top menu navigation. Then click on the existing dashboard to open up the dashboard. Issue Type – The issue type for the test case (in this case, we’ll select ‘Test‘). Zephyr provides easy-to-use dashboard which provides testing metrics on the testing activities throughout every project. Testing is integrated into the project cycles and it enables you to track software quality and make empowered go/no-go decisions.

How to set up test management in Jira for free

Jira can help manage stories, workflows, custom fields, and reporting. Unfortunately, Jira was not designed with managing test cases in mind. However, you can customize it test data management tools comparison to manage the entire testing process, but it was not designed to do this. Jira was built as an issue tracking and project management tool, which is what it excels at.

  • Worth mentioning too that attachments you add can’t be viewed from within Jira.
  • Many free and paid test tools have done the integration work to make this possible.
  • We’ll leave Exploratory and Automation for bit of additional excitement at the end.
  • Flick between Tests, Plans, Cycles and Reports with ease.
  • Also, worth mentioning that there’s no place to track time taken for execution.
  • ZSC’s custom fields is well thought through and executed.

To get started and logged into your Zephyr for JIRA instance, you must set up an instance of Zephyr for JIRA. Please use a free trial of Zephyr for JIRA or purchase a Zephyr for JIRA license on the Atlassian Marketplace. Ensure that the Zephyr for JIRA plugin/add-on is enabled as well.

Assign Test Executions

You can define your own ‘status’ values for cases (e.g. Draft, In Review, etc). Just that there’s nothing controlling or enforcing the progression through those status values. Not a big issue but could be important for some teams.

test management tools for jira

It’s a bit of a strange process that’s not consistent with the how you get used to using Jira. And it doesn’t conform to the usual approach of having a ‘type’ field you select on the case. You want a Story to track the task of creating the BDD scenarios. That Story enables you to create the linked cases that contain the BDD details. Quite a nice approach once you’ve worked it out.

Prioritize your time with Risk-Based Testing

We outline each entity model as we review each tool and call out. All of the tools reviewed conform to the usual QA terminology. You’ll find the concepts of Cases, Libraries, Scripts, Cycles, Plans, Runs, Results and Environments all used consistently https://globalcloudteam.com/ across all the tools. Where there are differences, we’ll call them out. The answer may not be as straightforward as assumed. Even when a vendor promotes the importing and exporting of data, it may require a lot of gyrations to make it happen.

Really should be more than just showing test case traceability against stories. We’ll look at the execution of Cycles in a moment. Worth pointing out though that you can only link a case to a cycle once.

You could opt to create requirements within the description of each story and then document all changes within a single story. However, you will need to remember the story number to refer back to the documented requirements, which can be cumbersome and introduce potential for human error. AIO Tests was launched as a free app and has grown tremendously since it was launched in July 2020.

Test Sets

Confirm the addition by clicking “Create” and the configuration is done! You can also use the following icon in order to easily distinguish this issue type from others. Before you begin, you need to install the app on your Jira instance.

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