What Is Petty Cash Management?

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a petty cash fund is used to pay relatively large amounts.

134. Cash equivalents include each of the following excepta. Bank certificates of deposit.

a petty cash fund is used to pay relatively large amounts.

All tickets must be classified as sold, complimentary, or unsold. Record the beginning and ending number for each price category. The number of tickets sold at each price category should equal the amount of the cash receipts for the event. Any difference will result in an overage/shortage with the actual cash received.

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Each petty cash expenditure requires a Petty Cash Voucher, Form USNH-F45. See Procedure 4-005, Preparation of Petty Cash Voucher, for detailed instructions and requirements. Petty cash expenditures are subject to all USNH and campus policies, procedures and practices relative to proper expenses, authorization, accounting and documentation. Note that there generally must be an original sales slip, cash register tape, or other receipt attached to the Petty Cash Voucher for each expenditure. This may include the petty cash Custodian. However, an employee may not approve his or her own expenses.

  • Tubs are responsible for approving payment requests submitted to fund new petty cash accounts before the request is routed to Central Administration for final approval.
  • The Excel option provides a spreadsheet which you can format.
  • Segregation of duties – Different individuals receive cash, record cash receipts, and hold the cash.
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  • While it is important to have a thorough process in place for documenting the transactions in the petty cash fund, a traditional paper-based approach has many limitations.
  • For the purposes of this document, cash is defined as coin, currency, checks and charge cards.

This file should include the same information required for the human subjects payment log. It is the principal investigator’s responsibility to retain this information for a minimum of three years, after the final financial report is submitted to the grant or contract agency. https://www.bookstime.com/ Protection of Petty Cash – Access to cash funds must be restricted to the Custodian only. To prevent access by anyone except the Custodian, petty cash must be kept in a locked strong box in a locked desk or cabinet whenever not in use or whenever the Custodian is absent.


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Not keeping track of expenditures – Without a log of all petty cash transactions, it can be difficult to track where the money is being spent and ensure that all expenses are accounted for. Appoint one responsible person to manage the petty cash account.

Step #2 – Assign Responsibility

Each amount is assigned a category that corresponds with the line item in the budget and categories are totalled each month. Below is an illustration of a cash receipts journal for January. If you want to avoid wasting time setting up a transaction log and find an easy way to track your petty cash transactions, then make sure you download our free petty petty cash cash log template below. Every business needs petty cash to make small transactions on a daily or weekly basis. Think of it as a small amount of money that you have on hand for these ‘petty’ expenses rather than always having to use a cheque. If the May 31 replenishment is not made and no entry is recorded, several expenses would not be recognized.

  • On the other hand, if you have Cash Over you have to pay the remaining amount you get when you subtract Cash Over from Total Withdrawals.
  • One common way to encourage customers to pay more quickly is to offer cash discounts for early payment.
  • Petty cash funds require monthly reconciliation (and monthly replenishment, if un-replenished receipts exceed $300).
  • But as we’ve written, company credit cards come with their own issues.
  • Related sales activities include making a sale, shipping the goods to the customer, and billing the customer.
  • A petty cashier might be assigned to issue the check to fund the petty cash drawer and make the appropriate accounting entries.

T/F A petty cash fund is used to pay relatively large amounts. The custodian is responsible for completing a Petty Cash Receipt for every transaction and ensuring the receipt is signed by the recipient of the petty cash disbursement. Let’s say somebody has a small team of five people and once a month, they’re treated to a pizza which costs £50 each time.

This acts as a receipt, logging the amount of the withdrawal, the date, the purpose, and other details. Increasingly, these slips are electronic ones, entered in a digital spreadsheet or ledger. But it can be helpful to keep paper slips too, along with receipts from the purchases or payments .

  • As a result, the sum of the petty cash receipts and money in the fund should equal the established total at all times.
  • The custodian must obtain the cash from the Business Services cashier.
  • Maximize working capital with the only unified platform for collecting cash, providing credit, and understanding cash flow.
  • Each petty cash fund is the responsibility of primarily one employee called the “Custodian” of the fund.
  • Wherever possible, units should use other disbursement methods (i.e., ePayment, GEMS, BuySite, etc.) instead of petty cash.

Your next steps will depend on how much time and effort you’re losing to reconciling all payments today. If you don’t have too many expenses, company cards and a petty cash box are probably fine. Deposits should not be sent through campus mail. The deposit must be hand delivered. Transfers of cash should be irregular, subject to change without notice, and times known only to a select few. If there is a large amount of cash, UAH Police should be consulted about transferring the funds. If the deposit is hand delivered, the Office of the Bursar will count and validate funds in the presence of the departmental employee.

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