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Recessionary concerns were heightened on Monday as surveys from the United States, Europe and Asia showed that factories struggled for momentum in July. Flagging global demand and China’s strict COVID-19 restrictions slowed production. Pat Higgins, right, received the inaugural Order of Uxbridge honour from Mayor Dave Barton at the Uxbridge Fair on Sept. 10. The honour recognizes his community contributions, including his ongoing work with Jumpstart Uxbridge, the annual Jumpstart Golf Tournament and the construction of the Jumpstart Multi-sport Court earlier this year.

But you’ll also understand that, with this bill, the government has served up a mishmash and we find ourselves with a real stew of numerous subjects that must be discussed. So I have to immediately move on to the case of Canada Post. For us, this is a net loss, in that the money we collect goes into the government’s coffers and we receive nothing in return.

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The courts have confirmed unequivocally that it’s not a grey area. What is before this committee is the desire to change the mandate of Canada Post, and that’s fair, and that’s what we’re here to talk about. The truth is this has been in court and disputed for a number of years. If the law were changed, it wouldn’t be grey anymore. There probably are some customers who might have stayed with us or who might have considered whether or not to work with a remailer based on the fact it was a grey area. I would say that the pricing component for a flight to England hasn’t changed much in 20 years.

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Oversight of transactions is provided by the open-source blockchain ledger that’s shared and copied between hundreds of computers. Still, that doesn’t prohibit the possibility of market manipulation and insider trading, creating potential risks for individual investors. If cryptocurrencies continue to boom, or threaten traditional national currencies, governments may act to regulate this sphere and change the rules of the game for all involved. At Moya, we put members’ financial success ahead of corporate profits.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to you today on an important aspect of aviation security, that being its financing through the Air Travellers Security Charge, the ATSC. ATAC has represented Canada’s commercial air transport industry for over 75 years. We have over 185 members engaged in commercial aviation in Canada, operating in every region, and providing service to a large majority of the more than 700 airports in the country. Oil prices were slightly up on Tuesday, even as investors absorbed a bleak outlook for fuel demand with data pointing to a global manufacturing downturn just as major crude producers meet this week to determine whether to increase supply. Woodward doesn’t just see the worker shortage affecting the private sector. He cited reports of nurses working overtime and other resource issues in health care making him wonder about effective spending.

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We can offer higher interest on savings accounts and lower interest rates on loan products and credit cards because our mandate is to benefit the members that we serve – our shareholders. Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority . Eligible deposits are insured up to $250,000 through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority . We’re going to do it regardless of what happens to this legislation. We have much bigger challenges than this simple matter of remailing. We see changes in our market, like declining letter volumes, strong competition from UPS, FedEx and other companies with which you’re familiar.

We are small enough to know each member by name, yet big enough to provide financial products and services on par with larger financial institutions. The printers who are here represent people who are engaged in illegal remailing for the moment. I’m not disputing whether Canada Post can compete, but most of these guys that are here are not the international remailers.

We want to state from the outset that we are unequivocally opposed to any legislation that will weaken Canada Post’s ability to provide universal, affordable services to Canadians, wherever they live. We believe that maintaining and improving public postal services is what provides the most benefit to the population and to all sectors overall. We see the post office in a more universal context in its responsibility to deliver services.

The argument we’ve just heard from the other side is that jobs will be created if there is competition. I would like you to respond specifically to that in order to provide us with some food for thought. For us it is a revenue risk of $40 million to $80 million of a total revenue stream of $7.3 billion.

Like other financial institutions, we offer a complete and competitive range of banking and account solutions, plus borrowing and investing options. First, with regard to costs, I talked about our postal transformation. That will give us various ways to process and deliver mail at lower cost. In addition, we are still studying the various ways in which we can find other revenue, other clients, either by offering them different products through our retail network, or by doing things in the digital field.

It’s not just the remailers who are in the business; we are also in this business. I’m very pleased to say hello to Ms. Margles and I want to tell her how proud Canadians can be of the workers and of the products and services offered to the public by Canada Post. I hope that can continue and that those products and services won’t be left to wither for ideological reasons. Mr. Yussuff, thanks very much for being here and for your testimony. I would like you to be able to continue with the answer you gave earlier. I would like you to elaborate further on your position, which we share, that Canada Post may be economically weakened and that there could be job losses.

  • There are about four or five large companies, really, that are involved in this.
  • And if you look at the Canadian border, you’ll see that all of our major cities are near the border.
  • The price gap between diesel contracts for immediate delivery soared to the widest-ever premium over later-dated contracts as inventories in the U.S. dwindle.
  • There probably are some customers who might have stayed with us or who might have considered whether or not to work with a remailer based on the fact it was a grey area.
  • You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars on hand to purchase a full-value unit in order to get involved in cryptocurrency investing.

Last year, RCC appeared before this committee, calling for some of the very measures that are now included in Bill C-9, the budget implementation act. I also serve as co-chair of the Payments Accountability Council, which represents over 250,000 merchants across the country. Where’s the public review of CATSA and its finances, as announced by the Minister of Transport in February? The customers of our members are footing the security bill and they’re entitled to receive this information.

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But to suggest that…it is not our view that the employment within the remailing business is as significant as my friends have stated earlier. More importantly, Canada Post has a mandate to provide service to Canadians from coast to coast. Its universal service is based on the what its revenue base is and how it’s able to provide that service. As the postal administration for this country, Canada Post has a statutory mandate to provide universal postal service to all Canadians, regardless of where they live, and to do so while remaining financially self-sufficient.

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Net-zero climate experts at a U.K.-based price comparison company used an artificial intelligence tool to predict what major cities in the world would look like 70 years from now in the worst- and best-case climate scenarios. Investigators are working to construct a timeline of events, police said Saturday. Cryptocurrency investments, or more accurately, the digital passwords that identify individual holdings, can be stored in online accounts to facilitate easier trading, or in an offline piece of hardware for extra security. If you decide to invest in cryptocurrency, you can buy and sell it through online brokerages or exchanges in Canada, although they’ll charge you a fee for the service.

I think the answer you are given is that this is what the potential is. I guess the bigger question would be how much business has already been lost. Moreover, Canada Post experienced significant profits for 12 consecutive years in the early 1990s and throughout most of the 2000s. While the industry was operating in Canada, and until this matter with Canada Post became public in 2006, this industry did not receive one communication or complaint from CUPE relating to our operations. In order to remain competitive and deliver on our service commitment, Canada Post is modernizing its infrastructure equipment and technology. Thank you for the opportunity to address this committee today.

Monsieur Carrier, members of the public, as I’ve just said, have a right to communicate with parliamentary committees in either official language. Francophones can choose to present in either official language, as anglophones can. Our point today, sir, is that we believe the government has recognized this. That’s why the Prime Minister came out last April and said that we need a holistic tourism strategy. Unfortunately, it continues to be undermined through the cherry-picking of different initiatives like this one, and it’s unfortunate….

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In short, because the card payment system has not been functioning properly, with the credit card duopoly dictating prices at will to merchants, and with a very clear risk that the same path would be taken with debit cards. He is our vice-president of federal government relations. The ATSC should be used to fund CATSA and CATSA only. It is not an additional source of general revenue for the government, for which it does not have to account. CATSA’s budget is entirely financed by the ATSC, whereas in the U.S., air travellers finance only 30% of the Transportation Security Administration’s budget.

Many live in Ontario, where they have formed a rich community with a proud heritage of hard work, family values, financial acumen, and a welcoming spirit. Meanwhile, Rosneft PJSC failed to award a tender to sell millions of barrels of Urals crude as European buyers continued to shun Russian oil, according to traders. Asian refiners are also avoiding the Sokol grade from Russia’s Far East after sanctions were imposed on a tanker company that ships the cargoes. When a committee receives a document in one official language, the clerk of the committee has it translated into the other official language before it is distributed to committee members. I’d be happy to provide you with those numbers, but the schedule that is a part of this proposed bill, the fee schedule, tells you per person what it’s going to cost, what the fees are going to increase….

We have taken legal action against some international remailers and succeeded in court. Injunctions were awarded against two international remailers that would have prevented them from operating in this country. Last September, the Government of Canada introduced the Canadian Postal Service Charter, which outlines the services Canadians can expect to receive from Canada Post. Canada Post continues to meet our published service standards and provide Canadians with postal service that is reliable and secure. Ensuring security and safety for travel and the general public goes without question.

We are changing the way we deliver in order to ensure that we can continue to deliver in the future. In our view, the proposed security fee methodology will work at cross-purposes with the federal tourism strategy, which is built on a solid foundation and specifically stresses the need to look at issues in a holistic way. We don’t levy policing costs solely on an individual shop owner, moya tenz and in the same way, we shouldn’t tax individual travellers. Aviation security is a public good that benefits all Canadians, and its costs should be borne by the national treasury. It is indeed a pleasure for me to be here with you today to examine the provisions of Bill C-9 that relate to the tourism sector, as this is my first standing committee appearance in my new role.

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