Following a secure excursion out-of Neverland to Storybrooke, Mr

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Following a secure excursion out-of Neverland to Storybrooke, Mr

He takes a challenging strike when you’re David pulls your so you can security

Silver seals the box in his pawnshop to save Dish on bay. Link tells Neal that he commonly back off going after Emma very Henry’s mothers have a good danger of bringing back together. In spite of this, Connect needs a beneficial distraction off Emma and you can unsuccessfully attempts to render Tinker Bell a glass or two, even if she knows he naturally wishes so much more away from their than you to definitely. A yell away from exterior disrupts this new cam, so that they rush out over take a look at the and they are registered by David and you will Emma. When Emma has the suspicion the pair of them are now actually on it, Tinker Bell quickly rejects they, whether or not Hook up begs to differ. The foursome catch-up over the years in order to witness new Trace ripping out Mom Superior’s trace. After regrouping for the someone else, it’s suspected Dish is actually trailing new attack. Hook up, Neal and you may Tinker Bell check out fetch brand new mild and you will coconut halves regarding the vessel in case they must catch brand new Trace once more. They you will need to enter the vault in which Regina got Henry in order to keep your the adult hub safer, although door is actually secured. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Mr. Gold recreate a printed Dish, who is in fact Henry, because a few switched authorities. When Mr. Gold holidays discover the fresh new container, it’s located Dish got brand new search to your Black Curse. (“The newest Neverland”)

To the Trace went, Mother Premium efficiency live and you can hands the Black Fairy’s rod to her or him

Mr. Silver shares that have people of merely feasible way to stop Pan’s curse is for Regina, as the fresh caster of the Ebony Curse, so you’re able to undo they by ruining the fresh new browse, although there is a steep rate for it. They plan to button Henry returning to his personal body thus he’ll get in possession of one’s search and take it so you’re able to Regina. Mr. Silver can perform the latest enchantment, however, means a robust socket in order that they to be effective. Tinker Bell has actually experience with a robust Black Fairy wand you to Mom Advanced kept, therefore she, David, Link and you can Neal ask the brand new convent nuns for the goods. The newest Shadow blasts in the just like the category need coverage at the rear of the new church pews. Hook up volunteers in order to distract this new Trace, pointing out his very own life is at risk, however, fails if creature hits your out. Tinker Bell uses pixie dirt to white a flames on the coconut half of and you will flies into the heavens to help you trap the Shade; disposing the new getting once and for all from the burning it in a flame. Afterwards, Tinker Bell understands Hook’s reason behind risking himself earlier is actually to own Emma. The three guys arrived at the pawnshop into the wand. Once Henry’s heart yields in order to his or her own looks, anyone except Mr. Silver runs over to get the boy. That have Granny’s recording skills, they return having him. Regina entry aside after bringing the search and awakens having studies of your speed for closing the fresh curse. He could be accosted from the Bowl when he takes back this new search and you will freezes them positioned. The new showdown stops when Mr. Gold summons the latest dagger and you will stabs Pan as well as himself inside; killing both. Following this, Regina acknowledges the price is perhaps all previous Enchanted Forest population have a tendency to be delivered back to their old world when you find yourself Storybrooke will recede away from lives. To keep Henry from being by yourself, Emma makes city having your and you will Regina rewrites this new recollections both for of them so they ignore everything. Until then, Hook up has the benefit of Emma separating terminology; saying that he’s going to think about the girl usually. Given that two cross-out out-of Storybrooke, Regina comes to an end new curse out of taking on since folk inside area is sent back into the new Enchanted Tree. (“Heading Household”)

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